Masters of Magic
Convention 2019

TURIN - MAY 16, 17, 18, 19, 2019

Javier Botia

Javier Botía is the current mentalism world champion. With a totally innovative, transgressive style, he has managed to combine the most advanced techniques of mental magic with the sharpest comedy. Comic mentalism has been born. Up to this day, there have been many (rather unsuccessful) attempts to break up with the grave, sometimes boring image of the traditional mentalist. The role of comedy in a discipline that aims at provoking real feelings was negligible. Javier’s long professional career as a TV showman has helped him get the adequate response from the audience - both laughter and amazement. It is possible to amuse and to convince of the authenticity of the effect at the same time.

Javier started on radio, on the spanish station “Los40Principales”, and he soon became one of the best voices in the country. He has had the highest ratings in Latin America: Argentina, Paraguay & Uruguay have seen him become a consolidated radio star. Indeed, he’s been granted the Tabaré 98, an award equivalent to the Spanish Ondas. On TV, Javier has had many different shows of his own on the main television networks of Spain, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. He has also been artistic director on different stations. In Argentina, Javier worked on the Spanish speaking world’s highest rating show for 9 years. Regarding the big screen, he directed and had the leading role in a sociological experiment that has been recognized with 11 international awards as a documentary, “Idolos de Barro” (Mud Idols), available on YouTube.

As an invited host at the international magic festival in Almussafes 2001, he was introduced to the world of magic. His friend and mentor, the “Professor Rochy”, taught him the ways of mental magic that Javier naturally combined with his own showmanship. After a decade performing as a stand-up comedian, working on the main comedy circles for years and also obtaining the highest awards on that field, it was a matter of time that he presented a new innovative, solid performance mindset. His combination of mentalism and comedy quickly became a most acclaimed trend - packed within a small format show. Finally getting onto bigger stages was the most logical next step, first in the theatres around all of Spain, and afterwards in Latin America. On 2016, Javier won the first mentalism prize at the national congress of Granada, and the international congress of Almussafes first prize, where it all began 15 years before - this being the first and only time, in the 25 year history of the congress, that a mentalist manages such endeavour. On 2018, he managed an even greater acknowledgement with the first prize on the FISM Congress of Korea - as the world’s finest mentalist.


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