Masters of Magic
Convention 2019

TURIN - MAY 16, 17, 18, 19, 2019

Luis Piedrahita

Luis Piedrahita was born in A Coruña (Spain), in 1977, and became interested in magic at a young age. In 1998, he got a modest second prize at the International Congress of Valongo and, the next year, at the National Congress, he won the shiny first prize in close-up magic, in 2017 Piedrahita won a Performing Fellowship from the prestigious Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood.

In 2006, together with Jorge Blass and Rodrigo Sopeña, Luis Piedrahita created the television show Nada x aquí, where he played the roles or writer, director, and magician. His next magic collaboration was on the television show El hormiguero, directed by Pablo Motos. Each week Luis presents a magic effect for an international celebrity like Will Smith, Shakira, Martin Sheen, Kylie Minogue, Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Cullum, Jackie Chan, or Cameron Diaz.
Luis Piedrahita has been a writer for El club de la comedia and El hormiguero, and has writer seven books of humor that have all been turned into successful theatrical shows; as well as a book of children’s stories titled Diario de una pulga.

Moreover he has written a book for magicians Coins and other fables, published in english by Conjuring Arts Research Center, New York . In addition, Luis wrote and directed, together with Rodrigo Sopeña, the feature film Fermat’s Room (Notro Films, 2007) released in more than fifty countries.


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