Masters of Magic
Convention 2019

TURIN - MAY 16, 17, 18, 19, 2019

Questions & Answers

What is changing?
Only the location it's changing. The Masters of Magic Convention is moving from Saint-Vincent to Turin.
The dates, the programme, the organization and the cast will be exactly the same.

Why the location is changing?
After the great success achieved in the city of Turin with the Christmas, New Year's Eve and Guinness World Records' show, the city strongly wanted to host the Magic Convention.
As you might no, the casino of Siant-Vincent is in a very difficult moment. The Convention could even be cancelled at any moment.

In which location will the convention be held?
We will send out the Official Communication where you will find the address of the location and the hotels affiliated with the event.

Are convention prices changing?
No, they'r not! Even if the number of the Artists is increasing and the programme is enriched, the prices will not change.

I've already bought the ticket for "Saint-Vincent"; is it still valid?
Yes! The reservation remains valid.

Will you change my seat for the Gala Show?
We will keep the same arrangement of seats. The seat you have chosen will not change. For any special cases we will communicate what to do.

Will the programme change?
The Magic Convention's programme won't change. We are also expanding our activities outside the convention center to invade the city with magic. We are also preparing a dedicated program for your accompanying person.

What there will be in addition?
The World Championship of Street Magic will as well be organized in Turin on May 17-18-19. If you are interested to compete, you could request the registration form to
And this is not the only surprise!

How do you move in Turin?
The City of Turin has an excellent transport network and public transportation that will allow you to reach any place comfortably.
The location will also be reachable with free shuttles connecting the city center.

Do I have to change my travel plan to reach the City of Turin?
Turin is easier to reach because it has an airport, 2 big train stations and it is well connected to all major Italian and European cities. The international airport of Milan Malpensa, from which it is possible to reach every destination, is connected to Turin by bus - 1h30 ca travelling time.

I have already booked the hotel in Saint-Vincent, What I have to do?
The hoteliers of the city of Saint-Vincent are available to make changes on your booking, cancel and refund the reservations. Please, contact the hotel and ask the cancellation of the reservation.
For any problems encountered during the cancellation of the reservation, please notify us at the email address or at number 3480011257 indicating the hotel name, the contact person, your reservation (from which day to what day).


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